Soccerbible x Hummel: Glory To Those Who Have Listened
Soccerbible x Hummel: Glory To Those Who Have Listened

A short vid to showcase the new shirt collaboration between Soccerbible and Danish sportswear giant, Hummel.  The 40 second film bottles the energy and sheer volume of support that the game of football brings. The beating drum and undercurrent of noise gradually rises to provide a palpable sense of belonging while throughout the voiceover presents the strong-willed sentiment behind this collaboration. 

Taken from ‘Havamàl’ the poem that is recited reads: “Know how to cut them, Know how to read them, Know how to stain them, Know how to prove them, Know how to evoke them, Know how to score them, Know how to send them, Know how to end them, The wise one has spoken these words in the hall, Needful for men to know, Not for trolls to understand, Hail to the speaker, Hail to the knower, Joy to him who has understood, Glory to those who have listened.”

Directed and concept by The Rig Out
Photography by The Rig Out
DOP and edit: Ed Hubert
Music and sound design: Pete Gofton
VO & Translation: Anette dal Jensen